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+86 0576-82693999
+86 0576-82693999
+86 0576-82693999
+86 0576-82693999

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Our strengths

1. Professional team technical support, high work efficiency, 24-hour power generation according to customer needs, professional staff on-site installation, commissioning and maintenance;

2. The leasing process is simple and the price is clearly marked;

3. Undertake various projects, fast and efficient, save money, time and worry;

4. Large quantity is preferred. We will tailor our project plan for you and provide complete and professional generator rental services. Customers can rent generators regularly, irregularly or for a short time;

5. The generator models are complete and the price is reasonable. It can provide customers with self-contained power generation business of different power generator units at any time. The power supply is sufficient to meet the needs of various construction sites, fire standby, enterprises' peak avoidance and short-term self-contained power generation.

6. Diesel generator sets are professionally rented, and generator sets with sound proof boxes can be provided to provide backup emergency power supply for different power users such as military industry, oil field miners, factories, hospitals, schools, residential quarters, post and telecommunications, shopping malls, construction sites, highway construction, bridge construction and other water conservancy and transportation construction.

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